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Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants – The Best Solution for Missing Teeth

February 13, 2018

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Dental BridgeSo you had to have one or more of your teeth pulled, the question now is “what is the next step?” You can have a gap in your mouth, or you can restore your smile. You won’t find a dentist who will tell you to just live with the gap in your mouth. There are many problems with this. At Atrium Family Dental, we care about our patients and advise them to do what is best for their health while also working with their budget. Keep reading to find out why our New Lenox dentist advises patients to find a restorative dentistry treatment to resolve their missing teeth.

Dental Bridges Aftercare

June 28, 2017

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Dental BridgeA dental bridge is a sort of small denture appliance that uses the teeth surrounding an area where one or more teeth were lost to support the false teeth. There are many types of dental bridges, and they can be a good solution for New Lenox dental patients who need a faster, more affordable method for replacing just a few teeth. Here’s what you need to know about dental bridges aftercare:

Benefits of Dental Bridges

July 11, 2016

It is too bad that so many people overlook dental bridges as a workable and beneficial solution to some missing teeth. They are not false teeth and they are not implants. Instead, they are sort of hybrid, and the benefits of dental bridges are profound. Patients of Atrium Family Dental in New Lenox, IL can discuss any restorative dentistry needs they might have and find out if dental bridges are a workable solution.

So, what are the different benefits of dental bridges? They are actually extensive and include:

They prevent your natural teeth from shifting – While a crooked smile may not seem like a big issue, among the key benefits of dental bridges is that they force the teeth to hold their original positions. This keeps your bite in total alignment, preventing the development of issues like TMJ (a jaw issue that causes serious pain), bruxism (grinding of the teeth) or damages sustained with teeth begin to meet in a totally different way.

Dental Bridges Overview

March 14, 2016

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Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, you have a few workable solutions to this relatively common problem. You can consider a dental implant, or you can explore options for a dental bridge. The smartest first step though, is to meet with Dr. Shane Sudman at Atrium Family Dental in New Lenox, IL and review the best answers for your situation.

After all, our patients have an abundance of solutions available when it comes to missing teeth. There are dentures in full or partial sizes, there are dental implants and there is the dental bridge. A dental bridge is a very commonly selected solution because it is permanent, fast and extremely reliable.

Different Types of Dental Bridges

December 27, 2012

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Do you any missing teeth? Do you suffer with a tooth that requires an extraction but you don’t want to have any gaps in your smile?

Modern dental bridges can help restore your smile and fill most gaps in your smile. Traditionally, dental bridges might have been cumbersome and uncomfortable, but today’s bridges are a nearly-natural and very natural-looking solution to missing teeth.

The most common type of dental bridge is known as the fixed bridge, which makes use of porcelain, ceramics and metals and usually involves the production of a false tooth which is anchored on adjacent teeth. As the name implies, a fixed bridge cannot be removed.

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