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3 Brushing Habits to Break Today

February 25, 2017

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The ADA has listed several brushing habits they want you to break.  Here are our top 3 from their list.

  1. We don’t brush long enough.  Most people brush their teeth for 45 seconds, but the optimal time for brushing is a full two minutes a day, twice per day, according to
  2. We brush too soon after a meal.  Brushing after a meal is a good idea, but wait at least 30 minutes, especially if you enjoyed something acidic, such as lemons or soda. recommends chewing sugarless gum or drinking water while waiting to brush.
  3. We brush too hard.  Ease up! According to, some people brush their teeth harder than they need to for an effective cleaning. “Too much pressure may wear down the hard outer shell on your teeth and damage your gums,” according to the website.

Try breaking your unhealthy brushing habits today.  Come see us for more helpful tips, and remember twice a year, regular cleaning is best.

3 Tooth Fairy Ideas. #NationalToothFairyDay (August 22)

August 22, 2016

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day.  Here are 3 clever ideas for you to reference, should you need to help her out in a pinch.  Sometimes she has worked very hard during the day, and is exhausted by the time your little one goes to sleep:)

1. Sparkly money.  Who wouldn’t like to receive money from the Tooth Fairy?  That is what is expected anyway, isn’t it?  Run to the dollar store or your nearest drugstore for a small bit of glitter and glue, and help the Tooth Fairy out! Your little one will be delighted with this treasure find!

Atrium Family Dental Helps Increase Literacy Rates in America

November 18, 2014

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The staff at Atrium Family dental recently attended the MGE Management Experts Benefit Dinner on May 30 in St. Petersburg, FL. We were joined by government officials, community leaders, and leading dental professionals to raise money to provide books for the Improving Youth Literacy Campaign in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs and Youth Programs across America.

We love getting involved with amazing and interesting causes and this one really touched our hearts because it increases literacy in children, something that is very important. It’s shocking to discover the literacy rates across the country and the millions of children and families it affects. If we can do just one little thing to help improve reading in children, we’re happy. After all, it helps to bond families, aids in educational learning, and is a great pastime for many.

A Healthy Heart: Taking Care of your Oral Health

October 23, 2014

Heart disease is the number one cause of death, but did you know that the state of your oral health and your chances of heart disease are linked? The oral health care professionals at Atrium Family Dental in New Lenox want to give you all the facts so you can take preventative measures against heart disease and live a happy, healthy life.

Researchers are finding a common thread between oral health and general health; since your mouth can show the first signs of poor nutrition, many dangerous health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis can be discovered–and treated–early, so book your appointment at Atrium Family Dental as soon as possible.

How are you protecting your tooth enamel?

August 29, 2013

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The enamel of your teeth is important to help protect them against cavities, chipping and sensitivity. There are a variety of ways to help maintain your tooth enamel. Here are a few handy steps to help you strengthen the your tooth enamel.
Are you concerned about any sensitivity you are feeling in your teeth? Come in for an appointment and we can take a look. Give Atrium Family Dental a call today!

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