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3 Tooth Fairy Ideas. #NationalToothFairyDay (August 22)

August 22, 2016

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day.  Here are 3 clever ideas for you to reference, should you need to help her out in a pinch.  Sometimes she has worked very hard during the day, and is exhausted by the time your little one goes to sleep:)

1. Sparkly money.  Who wouldn’t like to receive money from the Tooth Fairy?  That is what is expected anyway, isn’t it?  Run to the dollar store or your nearest drugstore for a small bit of glitter and glue, and help the Tooth Fairy out! Your little one will be delighted with this treasure find!

Happy 2015!

January 1, 2015

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Cheers to a prosperous 2015! May you enjoy all the happiness the New Year brings!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2014

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Merry Christmas from our Atrium Family dental team to you and your family! May you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love most!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014

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We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, from our Atrium Family Dental family to yours!

Have a Sweet Easter from Atrium Family Dental!

April 6, 2012

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Did you know the first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany in the early 1800s out of pastry and sugar? Nowadays, Easter treats can include Peeps, Cadbury eggs, donuts, marshmallows, Mars bars, cake, ice cream – all things that might cause cavities and tooth decay.

If you’re worried that your sweet tooth might turn into tooth decay, don’t be! You can enjoy your Easter treats and keep your teeth healthy! Just keep in mind these simple things when hunting for your Easter eggs:

  • Pick Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Avoid Anything Gooey – candy that sticks to your teeth is more likely to feed the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities
  • Water It Down – water can help wash away-cavity causing bacteria, so be sure to keep a glassful close at hand.
  • Practice Good Oral Health – be sure to brush twice a day for 3 minutes, floss daily before bed and visit Atrium Family Dental in New Lenox, IL for your dental hygiene appointment every 6 months or if you suspect that you might have a cavity.

The dental health team at Atrium Family Dental wishes you and your family a sweet Easter filled with smiles!



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