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Why You Should Choose Invisalign in New Lenox

January 17, 2019

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Woman holding clear aligning trayAre your teeth crooked or misaligned? Maybe you’ve avoided getting braces because of their appearance or discomfort? Thankfully, modern dentistry has brought an amazing way to straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly: Invisalign clear braces. Keep reading to learn about Invisalign in New Lenox, its benefits, and some frequently asked questions about the treatment process.


To Chew or Not To Chew…Gum, that is!

January 18, 2017

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Do you chew gum?  Do you wonder the oral effects gum has on your mouth and teeth?  Have you ever heard that chewing gum can be good for your teeth?  We are here to tell you the ins and outs of gum chewing. But, by no means will you hear us say, gum chewing can replace regular brushing and flossing.

According to the ADA, the physical act of chewing increases the flow of saliva in your mouth. If you chew after eating, the increased salivary flow can help neutralize and wash away the acids that are produced when food is broken down by the bacteria in plaque on your teeth. Over time, acid can break down tooth enamel, creating the conditions for decay. Increased saliva flow also carries with it more calcium and phosphate to help strengthen tooth enamel. Clinical studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay.

4 Things That May be Very Bad for Your Teeth

March 15, 2016

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Here are 4 things that may be very bad for your teeth.  These are items that you will run into everyday, so try to pick and choose how often you put them in your mouth!

1.) sticky candy — the citric acid breaks down enamel

2.) soda / sports drinks — same acid bad for teeth!

3.) chewing ice — can make teeth brittle

4.) lemons & limes — can pull enamel off teeth

It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month

February 15, 2016

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Every February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  This years month long observance campaign is “SUGAR WARS.” This year, the ADA would like to demonstrate effective ways to defeat the effects of sugar and maintain good oral health by brushing, flossing, rinsing and eating healthy snacks.

Please help your little ones to brush twice a day. Encourage them to floss, let them watch you floss.  Also, try making healthy snacks for after school, let the kids help. If they have helped prepare a healthy snack, they are more likely to take part in eating that snack!

The Truth About Tooth Whitening Methods

May 30, 2013

What is the color of your teeth? Natural teeth are rarely bright white in color. In fact, your teeth are more often than not light gray or light yellow in shade, and over the years, you can expect your teeth to change in color due to the food, beverages and even bad habits you might have such as smoking and drinking. You could also expect a build-up of surface stains which will only hinder you from really smiling.

The perception of others whenever they look at your teeth matters but you yourself should be aware of the changing color of your teeth, especially because it is an indication of a growing tooth problem. While you can claim that you can never have bright white teeth or really want to use tooth whitening, the truth is that first impressions matter, and a white smile can make you look more approachable, employable and successful.

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