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In the Hot Seat: What Happens at an Emergency Dental Appointment?

March 15, 2024

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Patient holding their cheek at an emergency dental appointment

Dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, leaving you in discomfort and uncertainty. Whatever your issue, knowing what to expect during an emergency dental appointment can help minimize anxiety and ensure swift treatment. So, if you want to learn exactly what happens once you step into the dentist’s office, continue reading.

1. Immediate Assessment

When you get to your dentist’s office after scheduling an emergency appointment, you’ll be directed to one of the patient rooms. There, your dentist will perform an assessment to evaluate your condition. A visual inspection is done first followed by X-rays. This will give your dentist the clearest picture of what’s going on so they can help you.

2. Treatment Planning

After the data has been gathered, your dentist will give you options for treatment. If you’re in pain, they may also apply some local anesthetic to dull it while the two of you make a plan. This conversation will most likely be brief as your dentist will want to help ease your pain as soon as possible.

3. Emergency Treatment

Once you and your dentist have decided on a treatment, they’ll begin immediately. Common emergency dental procedures include:

  • Repairing chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth with composite resin or dental crowns.
  • Re-implanting a knocked-out tooth.
  • Treating dental abscesses or infections by draining them and administering antibiotics.
  • Addressing severe toothaches or infected pulp via a root canal.

4. Follow-Up Care

After your emergency treatment, your dentist will provide instructions on post-treatment care and any necessary follow-up appointments. It’s important to follow these instructions to the best of your ability to ensure proper healing and prevent complications.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to effectively face a dental emergency without fear of unknown variables. Needing an emergency appointment can be stressful, but knowing what to expect can help ensure you get quick and effective treatment. Whatever your dental dilemma, after your emergency visit you’ll feel so much better. With a knowledgeable dentist on your side, you can get back to enjoying a healthy and pain-free smile.

About the Practice

If the worst should happen and you need a friendly and proficient dentist to help you with a dental emergency, Atrium Family Dental of New Lenox has you covered. Their team of dental experts uses advanced technology and techniques to make your experience fast, painless, and stress-free. Call (815) 462-9990 to schedule an emergency dental appointment or visit the website to discover other services they offer.

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